Twitch Volume 1 (2-record set)
DAF - "Voulez Vous Coucher Moi"
Frazier Chorus - "Anarchy In The U.K."
Presence - "In Wonder"
Wolfgang Press - "Time"
The Ya-Ya's - "Looove"
T-99 - "Anasthasia"
Bizarre Inc. - "Playing With Knives"
Kick Ass Project - "Always High, Never Down"
Twitch Volume 2 (2-record set)
Voice Farm - "Free Love"
Celebrate The Nun - "Patience"
Omar Santana - "Come On And Jam"
Subject 13 - "The Promise"
Guru Josh - "Hallelujah" Chorus"
The Hypnotist - "House Is Mine"
Jesus Jones - "Info" Psycho"
The Twins - "Time Will Tell"
Twitch Volume 3 (2-record set)
Egma - "Let The Bass Kick"
4 Hero - "Mr. Kirk's Nightmare"
The Prodigy - "Charley"
Genaside II - "Narra Mine"
Armageddon Dildos - "Resist"
The Grid - "Boom"
R.A.F. - "We Gonna Get"
Turntable Terror - "Break!"
Twitch Volume 4 (2-record set)
Masterminds - "EMF"
Messiah - "There Is No Law"
Kelly G Perfect Rhythm - "PM"
Tech Man 1 - "Changes"
Biohazard PCB - "Ingest"
Radioactive Goldfish - "LSD Is The Bomb"
Latino Party - "Tequila"/"Party"
Return Of The Living Acid - "Get Funky"
Twitch Volume 5 (2-record set)
M17 - "Rockin' Down The House"
Future Sound of London - "Papua New Guinea"
Sonic Boom - "Tra La La"
Rabbit City - "Digital Domain"
Skin Up - "Ivory"
Tasti Box - "Rush"
React 2 Rhythm - "Whatever You Dream"
After Dark - "Come With Me Tonight"
Twitch Volume 6 (2-record set)
Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era - "Far Out"
Kid Unknown - "Nightmare"
Direckt - "I Got Ya"
Run Tings - "Fires Burning"
Zero B - "Lock Up"
Two Little Boys - "Stylophonia"
Young American Primitive - "Nature"
Nebula II - "Flatliners"
Twitch Volume 7 (2-record set)
Rough and Raw - "Money for Nothing"
Gat Decor - "Passion"
M to the Third Power - "Brainwaves"
Studio X - "Los Kings del Mambo"
Rozalla - "Are You Ready to Fly"
DOP - "Groovy Beat"
The Darwin Chamber - "Mesmerelda"
Human Resource - "Dominating the Mix"
Twitch Volume 8 (2-record set)
Supereal - "One Nation"
Prefab Sprout - "If You Don't Love Me"
Fierce Ruling Diva - "You Gotta Believe in Something"
Electrosonik - "I am the Creator"
Tasti Box - "Asid"
Shakedown Productions - "Alhambra"
Baha Men - "Back to the Island"
Lion Rock - "Lion Rock"
Twitch Volume 9 (2-record set)
The Orb - "Blue Room"
Jaco - "Show Some Love"
Coco Steel &Lovebomb - "You Can't Stop The Groove"
Gipsy - "I Trance You"
Fini Tribe - "Forever Green"
Bongo Massive - "Pascal's Dance"
Fargetta - "Music Is Movin'"
The Ultraviolet Catastrophe - "Trip Hardcore"
Twitch Volume 10 (2-record set)
The Shamen - "Boss Drum"
RuPaul - "Supermodel"
Daisy Glow - "Give It All"
House Pimps - "Zulu Nation"
Intermix - "Monument"
Lemon Interupt - "Minniopolis"
Outermind - "I Still Want Ya"
Paradise Organisation - "Prayer Tower"
Twitch Volume 11 (2-record set)
Direckt - "Two Fatt Guitars"
Meat Beat Manifesto - "Mindstream"
Harri - "Skelph"
Cantor &Moses - "Cosmic Dub"
Up Above The World - "Unleashed in the East"
Helicopter - "On Ya Way"
Slave to External - "Disintegrate"
Central Fire - "Central Fire" (Original Mix)
Twitch Volume 12 (2-record set)
Mother - "All Funked Up"
Mr. Jackson - "Mo'kassa"
DOP - "Non-Stop"
Front 242 - "Religion"
The Wildchild Experience - "Jump to My Beat"
Daisy Glow - Sunday in the Park"
PG1 - "Jazz Energy"
Da Juice - "C'Mon C'Mon"
Twitch Volume 13 (This issue was skipped...bad luck)
Twitch Volume 14 (2-record set)
Young American Primitive - "Young American Primitive"
Wicked Mate - "Resonate"
LuvDup - "GoodTime"
BBR StreetGang - "Sex You Down"
Up Above The World - "Trying To Reach Sawaan"
Babroo - "Trak-a-laka"
Tasti Box - "Feel tha Need"
Twitch Volume 15 (2-record set)
Rockhopper '94 - "Rockhopper '94"
Ideal - "She"
Tori Crimes - "Rich Girl"
Jump - "Luv It Up"
Aquatherium - "The Return Home"
The Mephisto Odyssey -" Dream Of The Black Dahlia"
Hysterix - Talk To Me"
Maurice - "This is Acid"

In addition to the 15 vinyl albums, Twitch released 11 CDs that compiled the vinyl and a string of 12" singles, dj loop tools (loops, grooves & scratches) and white labels.

See Twitch Recordings website for complete discography.